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We’ll help identify where HIPPA stops and what potential threats your business is facing today, and create a custom cybersecurity plan that keeps you compliant and your patient’s data safe.

Reducing risk and improving outcomes is your priority.

However, with the evolving landscape of cyber threats, simply being compliant isn’t enough. Even if you’re using one of the premier Electronic Health Record platforms and thoroughly vet every outside partner, bad actors can still find and infiltrate weak spots to access patient data and other sensitive information that you’re trusted to protect. Let us help you find them before they do.

Compliance + Protection Doesn’t Mean More Costs

As a small or private practice, every dollar counts. We’ll save you time and money by taking the complexities of HIPAA compliance and cybersecurity off your plate.

Our team of experts will build custom cybersecurity services tailored to your needs and budget without sacrificing quality. Major hospitals or corporate practices aren’t the only ones that deserve white-glove, advanced cybersecurity.

What makes usx cyber different?

Concierge Service

Direct access to cyber experts who provide the information you need and resources you require.


Direct access to customized dashboards identifying threats deflected and security improvements implemented.

Incident Response

Immediate incident response with hands-on protocols led by U.S.-based USX Cyber analysts.

Your Business Needs A Dynamic Defense

Custom cybersecurity policies & procedures with documentation and detailed checklist for ongoing certification and compliance.

Relevant expertise from decades of combined cybersecurity experience. We know what your practice needs to keep your patients trust.

Enterprise-level security at a cost that makes sense for your business and doesn’t include bloated service packages.