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A lot of companies will be happy to tell you what you need to do to be compliant. They’ll offer their consulting services and charge you lots of money. Perhaps you’ll get “expert recommendations” or a nice shiny plan. At USX Cyber, we do things differently. We actually GET you compliant and then we KEEP you compliant. We actually DO the work. We recognize compliance is a means to an end. No one wants to spend money on compliance, so we make the process more valuable and worth the investment.


At USX Cyber, we achieve and maintain compliance by implementing cyber security capabilities that safeguard, secure, and protect your sensitive information and critical systems and assets. Better yet, we do it affordably – because we know there are more pressing matters requiring use of your time, money and resources.

At USX Cyber we are passionate about helping secure our nation’s economy by keeping the doors of small and medium sized businesses open. We’ve developed highly advanced technical capabilities brought to life with the human ingenuity of our US-based cyber security and compliance experts and delivered efficiently and affordably through our GuardientTM XDR-powered managed services.


By simply activating and using our Managed XDR Services, your company will immediately achieve 70% or more compliance. That’s right. 0 to 70 in days or weeks – not months or years.

Accelerate your compliance and cybersecurity with USX Cyber’s powerful combination of technology-powered automation and managed services offerings.

Accelerate Your Compliance and Cybersecurity
(Solution Coverage and Focus)
Framework Summary GuardientTM XDR Platform USX Cyber Services Total Coverage
NIST 800-171 Protects controlled unclassified information 70/110 controls (Automated Threat Detection & Response) 40/110 controls (Security Assessments & Gap Analysis) 80-100%
NIST 800-53 Enhances information system security 120/462 controls (Vulnerability Management & Incident Response) 342/462 controls (Security Assessments & Risk Management) 80-100%
CMMC Enables business in the Defense Industrial Base 80/130 controls (Monitoring, Incident Response & Vulnerability Management) 50/130 controls (CMMC Readiness, Compliance & Continuous Monitoring) 80-100%
SOC-2 Focuses on data security for service providers 60/90 controls (Robust Access Controls & Audit Trails) 30/90 controls (Reporting & Compliance Support) 80-100%
HIPAA Safeguards patient health information 50/80 controls (Data Loss Prevention & Encryption) 30/80 controls (Risk Assessments & Training) 80-100%
PCI DSS Protects credit card data 70/141 controls (Vulnerability Scanning & Intrusion Detection) 71/141 controls (Compliance Assessments & Reporting) 80-100%
DFAR Safeguards sensitive government information 60/80 controls (Advanced Forensics & Threat Hunting) 20/80 controls (Incident Response Planning & Execution) 80-100%
GLBA Provides financial data privacy 50/70 controls (Compliance Automation & Reporting) 20/70 controls (Assessments & Gap Analysis) 80-100%
ITAR Regulates the export of military and dual-use technology 40/80 controls (Data Access & Export Controls) 40/80 controls (Compliance Audits & Training) 80-100%

Be Compliant. Be Secure. And, Save Money.

Regulations and requirements can be complex and unnecessarily time consuming. Let our compliance experts get you up to code fast so you can avoid disruptions. Don’t just be compliant – be SECURE. With USX Cyber you not only spend less on compliance, but you also get immediate return on investment with advanced affordable cyber protection – safeguarding all of your important information and assets.

Contact us today to learn how you can rapidly and affordably achieve compliance with results including securing and protecting the digital lifeblood of your organization.



Let USX Cyber help you keep your company secure and open for business.