Protect your business from cyber threats – all day, every day.

USX Cyber Managed Detection and Response (MDR)
Monitor, detect, and Respond

USX Cyber is a SOC-as-a-Service that’s not just software. It’s real people, protecting you.

Our best-in-class 24/7 service monitors, detects, and alerts you to cyber threats. Our CyberForce analysts work side-by-side with you to mitigate and contain identified threats to keep you up and running. We bring enterprise-level security to your small or medium-sized business, at a price you can afford.

With flexible deployment models and services tiered to your requirements, you can get the scalable, flexible solution that works best for you and your business.

Threat actors and adversaries never stop – and neither do we.

USX Cyber CyberForce analysts give you the cyber support you need, and the peace of mind that goes along with it.


The cost of cybercrime to global organizations on average per year

2017 Cost of Cyber Crime Study, Ponemon Institute / Accenture


The average cost per data breach of $148 per record

2018 Cost of a Data Breach Study, Ponemon Institute / IBM

Technology doesn’t stop cybercriminals – people do.

USX Cyber™ CyberForce cyber security experts investigate and remediate incidents 24x7 to efficiently manage threats and reduce risks – protecting you from emerging threats not found with traditional security tools.

  • Expert analysts with years of Military, DHS and FBI experience, and your own Cyber SecOps Lead
  • Eyes-on-glass intelligence for hard-to-find threats
  • Option for dedicated Threat Hunting support
  • Right resources, at the right time, with the right skills
Achieving your cyber security objectives

Laying the foundation to continuously evolve your cybersecurity posture.

We don’t just say we can help – we work with you from the get-go to develop a clear path towards your cybersecurity objectives. Our proven approach addresses both your tactical and strategic needs – giving you cyber-operational support to protect you now, while working with you on continuous improvement activities to set you up for long-term success.

The USX Cyber Road Map provides you with a customized blueprint for how we’ll take your cybersecurity to the next level – and the one after that. On Day 1 we work with you to define where you need to be in the next 12 and 24 months, laying the foundation for an actionable roadmap to continuously evolve and improve your cybersecurity posture.

Limited & Ad hoc Core Capability Cyber Security Program Security Monitoring Computer Security Incident Response Threat Identification Vulnerability Identification Forensics and Analysis Monitoring Technology Management & Optimization Compliance Intuitive & Informal Standardized & Defined Managed & Measurable Customer Target State Legend Current State Near-Term Target Long-Term Target Customer Current State

Proven Process

Tailored Implementation

Protecting your business has never been more important, and getting started has never been easier. We right-size our solution to meet your needs — download our Get Started guide to learn more.


    Our hybrid model brings both cutting-edge technology and human ingenuity to our partnership with you.

    USX Cyber™ powered SecOps solutions provide continuous monitoring with actionable alerts from our proprietary threat-intelligence platform.

    New Threat AnalysisBreach Risk AssessmentUse Case EngineeringInformation FusionNew Data VisualizationIncident HandlingNew Crisis CoordinationThreat IntelligenceThreat MonitoringCorrelation EventsConfidenceSeverityThreat TriageIncident InvestigationImpact AnalysisForensic AnalysisThreat ResponseAutomated ResponseContainmentRemediationNotificationUSX Cyber™ SOC-as-a-Service PlatformSupporting IT / Security InfrastructureLog Management & Big DataSIEMDashboarding & ReportingService PortalTrouble Ticketing WorkflowSOC Data SourcesNetwork Design / ArchitectureConfiguration & Policy InformationAsset & Data ClassificationVulnerability InformationLog Events / Transactional DataThreat Intelligence Feeds3rd Party Information ExchangeHuman Factor PortalPeople & ProcessesTechnology
    • Rapid deployment and instant detection
    • 24x7 monitoring and alerting
    • CyberForce analysts with your own Cyber SecOps Lead
    • Daily news feed of the latest threats
    • USX Cyber™ Dashboard and customer reporting
    • Reduced business risk and exposure
    • Technology-assisted human ingenuity protecting your business
    • Protection you need, at a price you can afford

    Solutions to meet your needs

    • 24x7, Near Real-Time Threat Detection with Automated Alerts and Notification
    • Rapid Incident Response Support
    • Endpoint Server / Attack Surface Console Management
    • Anti-Malware, Host IDS, Desktop, and Web Protection Monitoring
    • Customer Portal Access
    • Threat Hunting with Threat Intelligence Integration
    • Cyber Technical Support
    • Quarterly Service Delivery and Operations Review
    • Cloud Monitoring
    • Vulnerability Management
    • Daily Review of Critical Security Alerts
    • Compliance Monitoring & Reporting
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