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Build Your Business’ Cybersecurity Fortress with Managed XDR Services

There’s a reason why we don’t build castles anymore to keep us safe. Besides the fact that finding alligators to guard your moat is a pretty dicey proposition. It’s because the protection that towering walls provide vanishes once your defenses are breached. That’s the moment it all comes crashing down.

Unfortunately, this is how many small-and-medium businesses (SMBs) attempt to defend themselves against cyber attacks – relying solely on firewalls and off-the-shelf anti-virus software. The ugly truth of the matter is that businesses need more advanced security tools to be prepared for today’s growing cyber threats.

In fact, it’s estimated that there’s one ransomware attack every 11 seconds. And when SMBs get hit, the results are nothing short of disastrous — nearly 60% of these companies will go out of business within six months of the attack.

Stats like these – and there’s more where they came from – are exactly why USX Cyber has built a dynamic defense that includes Managed Extended Detection and Response (Managed XDR) cybersecurity paired with expert-level human intelligence.

The Right Protection

Simply put, when attackers threaten or get past your preventative tools, you need to deter and destroy them — quickly. Managed XDR detects, analyzes, and responds to bad actors that have infiltrated your system.

But it doesn’t do it with cutting-edge technology alone. It takes the watchful eye of human analysts to unlock the true protection potential of Managed XDR. At USX Cyber we call this “human-led” technology. And it’s the only way to stand up to today’s advanced cyber attacks.

No matter the sector your business is in. No matter your size. You still have to wrestle with the matters of budget constraints, staffing, and limited resources. That’s where Managed XDR can help small businesses protect their turf. It’s unrealistic to expect many IT departments to even have the necessary skills or expertise to stay up-to-date and be prepared for complex cyber threats. When you partner with USX Cyber, you free your staff up from the task of day-to-day security management.

The Right People

There’s no doubt, many of the cybersecurity tools that are available today are brilliantly designed. USX Cyber has enlisted the very best of them in our platform, Guardient, which allows us to keep businesses safe. But as powerful as security software is, it’s only as strong as the humans behind it. That’s because there’s no such thing as impenetrable cybersecurity. Even the best solutions can only be coded to respond to a set of pre-existing rules. So, that means when you rely on technology alone, there’s a good chance you’d never even know an attack happened if hackers were to slip past your system’s triggers.

That’s where knowing the right people truly makes all the difference. Humans are your last line of defense. And our humans (let’s just start calling them analysts) are ready and able to catch the threats that MDR software misses. It’s more than just a complementary approach, Managed XDR is a synergistic defense posture that closes the gaps found in technology and fortifies weak spots to provide enterprise-level protection to businesses that would otherwise find themselves vulnerable.

To run Managed XDR also takes the right training. USX Cyber analysts have decades of combined military, Department of Homeland Security, and FBI experience under their belts. Beyond that, they are experts in the field of cybersecurity and responsible for creating many of the solutions included in your security suite. And our analysts are based right here in the U.S. and available 24/7 to provide human-driven, technology-assisted threat detection. That means you’ll always have access to the elite skill set that our analysts have including threat hunting, eyes-on-glass intelligence, and active response.

The Right Size

You might consider yourself small, but you have a big target on your back. And doing nothing about it truly makes you, and the business you’ve worked tirelessly to grow, a sitting duck. While not being able to staff up your IT department, or having the budget needed to run a robust cybersecurity platform yourself are understandable reasons for bypassing strong security measures — they really aren’t excuses hackers care about.

USX Cyber understands the harsh realities of SMBs and that’s why our GuardientTM Managed XDR offerings were developed to provide a level of protection that is scalable for any budget. It’s also highly extendable to provide security wherever you do business — in the cloud, on your server, or in any environment.

GuardientTM  allows for customization to fit your needs with a tiered product offering that includes X1 Monitored, X2 Focused and X3 Managed levels of service. But no matter the level of protection you choose, you can rest easy in the knowledge that all are backed by our highly trained USX Cyber analysts.

Guard Against it All

It’s OK if you’re not an expert in cybersecurity — it’s a lot to take in. On top of that, you’re tasked with running a business, which means your focus is spread across many disciplines. But the threat of ransomware, phishing scams, data breaches, and denial of service attacks are very real and require your attention, too.

USX Cyber offers the right-sized protection your business needs to stay guarded in this new world of cyber vulnerability. By putting the right technology and the right people on your side, you can be confident you have a solution that works.

Or by all means, go with the gators.

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