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How Government Subcontractors Can Use Compliance to be More Competitive

The Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) is a game-changer in the defense industry, and its implementation is on the horizon. While the immediate impact may not be felt on existing contracts, the lack of CMMC compliance could hinder subcontractors from bidding on crucial business opportunities. Let’s explore the value CMMC brings to subcontractors and what these small businesses should do to capitalize.

CMMC Makes Subcontractors a More Attractive Partner

While the government has yet to finalize the CMMC framework, we’re seeing more prime contractors work to proactively achieve compliance and ensure their subcontractor supply chain partners do the same. Many businesses want to avoid problems staffing or completing the work in contracts due to compliance holding up the process.

As a subcontractor, CMMC doesn’t just communicate compliance. It also communicates how seriously you take cyber hygiene in general. This is a demonstration of trust and reliability for potential business partners and new contracts, even if it’s not required. A proactive approach to CMMC compliance today could serve as a strong external validation of your cybersecurity practices overall. Your demonstrated commitment to cybersecurity along with proactive business procedure can really stand out among other bidders.

How Long Does it Take to Get Certified?

There is no set timeline for compliance. In the marketplace, we’re seeing around 6-12 months of work to get to the assessment portion of compliance, but this relies heavily on the business and the pace they want to set.

Because so many of these controls will affect daily and core operations, this timeline can be expedited or delayed based on how quickly these processes can be – or you’d like them to be – incorporated. At USX Cyber, we can get a client to compliance in as quickly as 90 days, but some businesses prefer more time to understand and incorporate the necessary procedures and documentation into their business operations.

This is yet another reason why it’s important for subcontractors not to separate compliance from protection. When you develop a cybersecurity plan with compliance in mind, rather than fixating on a singular piece of the puzzle, your business is holistically starting with a leg up against the competition.

Improving Cybersecurity Posture With CMMC in Mind

When small businesses look for comprehensive cybersecurity solutions that include CMMC, the benefits aren’t just external, they will see advantages in their operations and their bottom line. Rather than pay for cybersecurity and CMMC as separate products, at USX Cyber we advise our clients to develop a singular roadmap that protects their business overall while supporting their need for CMMC compliance. This ensures ongoing protection that takes into account the systems, assets and teams that are part of the dynamic defense your company needs.

Cybersecurity does not have to break the bank for small businesses. Contact us today for a free CMMC consultation and roadmap with our experts.