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Align Cybersecurity with Your Business Goals

Increased profitability. Reduced overhead expenses. Geographical expansion. Better coffee.

Every business has its list of strategic goals and objectives, and hopefully a shared understanding of what they mean and how they impact organizational success. And while these targets are typically defined and driven by the leadership team, they affect everyone, regardless of role or department. It’s easy to see how goals like growth, customer satisfaction, and even internal culture initiatives can benefit the overall success of the business and illicit company-wide support, but there is one area that is often viewed as the sole responsibility of a single department or individual that can actually be the biggest vulnerability within the entire company: cybersecurity.

It may not be easy to see the link cybersecurity has to the success of a business, compared to the more ubiquitous goals and objectives around finances or customer retention, however, spending just a few minutes looking at the many jarring statistics around hackers and the catastrophic outcomes caused by attacks will quickly demonstrate why business leaders should be hyper-focused on this exact topic.

Culture. Trust. Holistic. Cybersecurity Goes Way Beyond ‘Check a Box’.

Enlisting the right approach to cybersecurity requires both a holistic view of a company’s vulnerabilities and weaknesses, as well as overall awareness among employees. It must be a company-wide initiative and every team member should know the risks and best practices. Building a culture that understands the importance of cybersecurity as it relates to the overarching business goals will make implementing these efforts easier and more effective.

Here are some of the benefits of instilling a shared culture and proactive approach to cybersecurity, and how to get started.

  1. Your data needs a dynamic defense. Warding off hackers is a 27/4 job, and making sure that you have the right tools and skilled people backing your team is key to staying vigilant. USX Cyber’s Managed XDR platform and expert analysts offer a mix of proactive and reactive solutions to keep your IP safe and your data secure. You’ll see what attacks were attempted, and feel safe knowing that there’s a solid plan to deter active threats.
  2. Your customers demand trust. COVID forced us to move to a world that is predominantly digital, and with that shift came an expectation of privacy and security. Many customers expect their vendors and partners to take the necessary precautions to ensure their customers are safe as a result of their cybersecurity initiatives. Actively communicating that security is a priority of the business is a great way to continually reinforce the trust companies work so hard to build and maintain.
  3. Your workforce can remain focused. When systems are impacted by ransomware and other forms of cyber attacks, productivity can come to a halt. Technology is impacted of course, but employee focus is also forced to stray from daily activities that keep the business running to thwarting off threats. These unnecessary distractions can cost you in downtime, as well as mismanaged resources.

Laying the Foundation to Continuously Evolve Your Cybersecurity Posture

USX Cyber doesn’t just say we can help – we work with you from the get-go to develop a clear path towards your cybersecurity objectives. Tied directly to your business objectives and ensuring mission performance. Our proven approach addresses both your tactical and strategic needs – giving you cyber-operational support to protect you now, while working with you on continuous improvement activities to set you up for long-term success.

The USX Cyber Road Map provides you with a customized blueprint for how we’ll take your cybersecurity to the next level – and the one after that. On Day 1 we work with you to define where you need to be in the next 12 and 24 months, laying the foundation for an actionable roadmap to continuously evolve and improve your cybersecurity posture.

One of the best ways to measure how your current business goals align with your cybersecurity needs is through an Active Defense Cybersecurity Assessment. Understanding what’s at risk, where your vulnerabilities lie, and formulating a plan of action can feel daunting, but USX Cyber is here to help.

Talk to a USX Cyber expert today to schedule a demo or get your free Active Defense Cybersecurity Analysis.